• We have the geographical reach that offers the needed exposure.
  • We provide a distinguished task Field Force.
  • We create standalone Direct Marketing Strategies to maximize impact.
  • We develop and utilize state of the art technologies in extracting knowledge and information.
  • We are client & brand focus to ensure that communication discipline and execution is consistent.
  • We assist in creating, training, and empowering a culture that is fit for a brand.


Brand Activation

  • We design meaningful innovative experience that drives consumer action.
  • We directly reach consumers to engage with them and bring the brand to life.
  • We provide dynamic exposure to cut through any saturation in communication.
  • We offer long term engagement strategy that are inline with the brand’s communication objectives.

Brand Ambassador, Promoters & Merchandisers

  • We handpick candidates that have potential in embracing and reflecting the brand values.
  • We organize and train candidates in becoming brand ambassador, merchandiser or promoter, fit for a brand.
  • We offer age and gender diversity with quality that is in line with the brand personality and essence.
  • We outline specific career path for the brand ambassador, promoters and merchandisers depending on the brand and industry.
  • We closely monitor the brand ambassador, promoter or merchandiser performance with reinforced training that provide guidance and knowledge.

Mystery Shopper

  • We establishing important parameters to understand the current situation.
  • We outlining concerns and the remedies to rectify the current situation and the areas of improvement.
  • We formulate an action plan in conjunction with the concern dept. to monitor the behavioural change.
  • We provide reports to monitor the action plan progress.
  • We provide consumer and staff insights and how to influence behavioural change.

Digital & Mobile App

  • We develop customised apps to assist in productivity and performance among promoters and merchandisers.
  • We use apps to gather data and information during and after any roadshow or event etc.
  • We install hardware with customised apps at point of sale stands to gather specific and valuable data.

Creative & Production

  • We specialize in integrating customized creative work and marketing promotions that drive sales, engagement, and retention to deliver
    exceptional ROI.
  • We assist in driving sales by developing creative strategies while using technologies that keeps brands top of mind.
  • We meticulously follow guidelines to secure the integrity of the brand.
  • We supervise the manufacturing process with our handpicked partners.
  • We offer meaningful innovative ideas for branded point of sale and customized product in store placements.

Event Management & Roadshows

  • We create event and festival themes that are designed to offer an unforgettable brand experience.
  • We work with specialized partners who are experienced and knowledgeable to produce our distinguished innovative ideas that create a difference.
  • We get involved in every step to guarantee that specifications and materials are not compromised.
  • We provide brand ambassadors and promoters to complement any engagement activity during the event or festival.
  • We identify strategic locations within communities and marketplace.
  • We allocate a talented team that can be entrusted to deliver on the brand/campaign promise.
  • We ensure the expression of brand personality is accurately conveyed.

Promotional Items & Stock Management

  • We harness an extensive range of local and international suppliers that offer unique and exquisite giveaway items.
  • We provide creative customized merchandising ideas that are unique to the brand or campaign.
  • We offer storage space that meets brand requirements and specifications.
  • We audit and monitor Client’s merchandising items, giveaways, product samples etc.
  • We manage the logistics and distribution of product stock.
  • We use technology to monitor and generate periodical reports.

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